About NemLog-in

NemLog-in is a cooperation between municipalities, regions and the State. It is a common log-on solution which gives access to the public authority self-service solutions. This means that you only need to log on once to identify yourself to all the various public authority self-service solutions.

The Agency for Digitisation manages the solution.

When you use the solution from public websites such as borger.dk, or skat.dk, you will be re-directed to this common log-on page. After you log on, you will be automatically returned to the homepage you came from.

You log on using your NemID or digital signature. This gives a positive identification to the authorities that you are the person or employee you claim to be. You can then be sure that no one else can log on as you.

The use of cookies in NemLog-in

NemLog-in sets cookies in your browser. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer. A cookie does not collect any information on your computer; disseminate virus or any other malicious programs. NemLog-in does not share information in the cookies with other websites and do not use cookies for statistical purposes.

NemLog-in uses a session cookie, which is necessary for NemLog-in in order to be able to recognise your browser when you are logging on to another digital self-service solution. NemLog-in also uses cookies to remember whether you prefer logging on with your NemID or code file and whether you wish to view the initial pop-up window with the instructional text.