NemLog-in is a solution that has been developed with very high levels of security so citizens, employees and authorities can use it safely.

You can log on using your NemID or digital signature. This gives a positive identification to the authorities that you are the person or employee you claim to be. You can then be sure that no one else can log on as you.

Is there anything more I can do?

As well as the protection we give you, it is also important that you protect yourself. Here are five simple guidelines to follow:

  1. Log off and close all browser windows when you are finished using the services that require NemLog-in. This is especially important if you're using a shared computer, e.g. at a library or at an Internet café.
  2. Protect your computer with an anti-virus program and a firewall and keep your computer updated.
  3. Never give your digital signature password or NemID to others - and don't write it down on paper.
  4. Don't keep your NemID password in the same place as your code card.
  5. Only open programs you trust

Blocking your signature

If you believe that others may have had access to your digital signature or NemID, you should immediately block your certificate.

You can call free of charge to Nets DanID on tel: 72 24 70 50 or use the following links.